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martes, 23 de junio de 2015

When I...

When I talk to you
the winter and the summer
melt together
becoming an endless love.

    When I see you
    my soul feels lightweight
    and fly across the universe
    so I can see you from any perspective.

 When I smell your perfum
 my senses become insane
 and the heaven feels more real
 than never.

     When I touch you
      my skin doesn't belongs to me,
      I become part of you
      and you become part of me,
      and together
      we become part of everything.

When I hear you
all the other sounds
suddenly keep quiet,
and your voice
sounds like the wind thru the trees,
sounds like the waves crashing on the rocks,
sounds like the speaking silence.

     When you leave,
     my heart stops beating,
     I'm just an empty body,
     all what I am abandon me
     just to follow you,
     because when I'm with you
     it's when I finally
     feel alive.


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