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lunes, 5 de enero de 2015

The answer...

It´s raining,
everything stays immobile,
my thoughts leave me
and I notice that
they gone with you.

       Let me be real and honest
       like the wind blowing the leafs
       like the river making a whisper
       like your memories in my dreams
       real just like you
       in other place, in other time.

 I´ll try my luck around the world
 looking for you in other faces, in other lips,
 hearing your voice in other lenguages
 feeling your skin in some one else.

      May be I´ll find the answer
      for all the stupid questions
      the simple answer that let me think,
      than let me breath
      that let me be me.

Who's on your side
 and who´s on mine,
or may be, everything it´s against us
and we only have each other.

      If you only have me
      and I only have you,
      the answer has always been